Monday, October 5, 2009

Walk for autism, with Autism Speaks

So after some thought and consideration I have decided that I am putting together a team to do the Walk for Autism. My Nephew was recently diagnosed with a form of autism, and having worked with kids with autism I understand the struggles that can come with it as well as the expense that it can take to take care of kids with these special abilities.
So, here is the plan. I will be gathering people to be in my group over the next few months and then I will start doing things to raise money, i.e. silent auctions, bake sales, game nights, scrapbooking nights etc. So if any of you are interested in any of the following let me know: being in the group and walking, donating money, donating things to put into a silent auction or participating in a game night that will have a small fee to participate which the funds will then go towards the money raised.
Another thing that I would like to do is raise some money seperately to donate to my sister so that she can get a few things that are specific to Carter's needs that will help him succeed, if you would like to donate to this specifically let me know.
I love all of you who read this sight and hope that you will help me in this endeavor.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Priesthood

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the priesthood and how amazing it is and how amazing the poeple are that hold it.
Two fabulous examples........ when I got sick a few weeks ago and I was in a podunk little E.R. in Panguitch UT, sorry if you are from there!!!:) We decided to that I needed a blessing and had asked a nurse if there happened to be anyone around who held the priesthood around, they said yes, well beknownst to us, unfortunately that person had left for the night by this point it was almost midnight. And then in came a man completely dressed in his church clothing, one of the nurses had called her uncle and he had generously gotten dressed and made his way to the hospital for a complete stranger let alone the fact that who knows if he had been asleep at that hour.
Another that has a weird but amazing place in my heart. A dear friend of mine from my single years and I went on a little adventure that involved going in a cave that is no longer open to due to the danger. Well there are parts to this cave that a so slim that you have to shimmy on you tummy to get thru. So we were emptying our pockets of everything possible. And my friend took his key chain and took all of the keys of but his car key and one other item, his small oil flask for blessing. I, in immature youth, was amazed and releaved that he would think of and be so strong as to keep it with him.
Anyway, for some reason I have been thinking so much of some amazing men in my life who have forever blessed my life with there presence and i wanted to thank them, even though I am sure most will never read this I feel a strong pull to do so anyway.

To my dear Bishop Swenson. The man who got me thru the best and worst parts of my life, literally. He is the most loving and amazing men you will ever meet. Not only that but when I was trying so desperately to get a friend to come back to church I finally convinced to come and for probably the first time in her life she felt the pure love of a bishop. Now she is active, sealed in the temple and has two boys and another on the way who are all blessed by the priesthood in thier lives as well as the church. I don't think that I could ever think of the hardest times in my life and not think of him and his loving support.

To Mark, how he is still single is beyond me!!! One of the greatest, smartest, most humble people I know. He is an amazing example to me and always will be. His quarky funny side will make me laugh every time. He is also beyond an amazing dancer, oh the good times we shared. Even the times we didn't want to stop dancing when the dances were over and we danced in the parking lot. ahhhhh what a great friend. Any of my single friends reading this, he is a catch and a keeper.

To Ricky, funny that I am writing about an ex boyfriend on this thing, but I can attribute a good portion of my understanding of following the spirit to our relationship and everything that transpired from it. He was strong to tell me that he couldn't keep me from going on a mission. How dare he, I know, but it forever changed my life and taught me a great lesson in listening to the spirit.

To all the men I grew up with, that took us to girls camp and listened all of us girls giggle at activities, how they kept thier sanity is beyond me. There are to many to name and mention but every single one of them were an example of doing thier duties and doing them well.

And to my very best friend and person who has held me up and helped me through a lot in my life. My husband, Robb. He is an amazing example of making it through anything and having the strength to carry on. The person who has supported me and loved me, even when we disagree. Blessed me with getting to enjoy having the priesthood in my home and being able to share my testimony with him, even though I don't do it as often as I should. I love him for everything that he has done for us and our family and his willingness to do whatever it takes. I love you!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our family update

So, it has been a while. Things have been crazy, at times I mean that literally. So last Monday July 6th, I went into to see my OBGYN and found out that the baby didn't have a heart beat. So they gave me a few options, because at that point in it's growth it was a sure thing that the baby wasn't living. Well we chose to do a medication that helps to pass the baby naturally. I took the medication on Friday the tenth, and I was pretty sure that I passed the baby that afternoon. Well continued to bleed for a few days but then Tuesday I started bleeding heavily. And Wednesday it got really bad to the point that Robb finally took me to the emergency room. We were camping at the time down in Panguitch and so we had to go to the ER down there. The DR. there told us that because of my loss of blood he wanted me to get a D&C ASAP, but they weren't equipped to do that so Robb drove me through the night to Salt Lake and I went to the hospital that my OB is at. There they told me to go the ER so that it would insure that I would get into surgery that day. We waited all day and I finally got in to surgery at 7 that night. Because of our long drive and everything else, we stayed through the night to get some sleep and left early the next morning. Now I am doing much better and am taking a rest while Robb, the brave person, is down south with all of our girls, his kids, and our associates camping. While I feel like I am sitting here doing nothing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

playing catch up

So I haven't written in forever. I really have no good excuse either.

Sorry it has been forever. I have no excuses, but I am cathing up finally. PS, if you ever think to do a long post, beware it is tedious work, hence why mine is not very discriptive and my pictures are all funky, it took me forever to get what I got done.

First we have already taken two camping trips one to Nephi where Ruth experienced her first camping trip, first camp first all that good stuff. The second we went to Kamas where it was just us and the baby and we just relaxed, it was fantastic. The first pic is Ruth all bundled up on her first night of camping, the second one is of her sitting in her dad's chair just talkin' away like it

s nobody's business. The third one is of her and I in fron of our tent on our second trip and the last one is just a cute face that I absolutely love.

So, on to other things. We got season passes to Lagoon, because with us and our unique position we can go during the week with the kids when we have them and we also wanted to be able to get out of the house. So here was our first trip to Lagoon for the summer.

Did you know that there is a height restrictions for the little boats, but not that you have to be so tall, you can actually be too tall for it, and Katiya found out that she was too tall for it after standing in this line for 20 minutes.

Next, we took Ethan and Ruth bowling while Katiya spent the night with a cousin at grandma and grandpa's. So we took the photo up.

Then, becuase we are taking the girls to the Jonas Brothers and our kids will miss out 'cause they will be with thier mom, we decided to make it up to them and we took them to the Taylor Swift Concert. We even took Ruth who surprisingly slept through most of it.

Last but not least, here are some mothers day pics. One of my mom and Ruth and the other is of the four generations of Neugart women. PS yes that is a bee on Ruth's bum I love it, it is the reason I bought that sundress.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ruth was blessed on Sunday by her daddy and we had the opportunity for some of her Uncle's both Grandpa's and close family friends to be a part of it with them. Robb did an amazing job with the blessing. It was a great day with lot's of family and friends. Baby Ruth was able to wear my blessing dress that I wore, it was special for me and her. Then we had a BBQ, yes in the SNOW, but it was still fun. It was a lot of fun to be able to prepare for this day and get to be a part of it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

So I figured it was about time I did a little update. The first three pics you see here are from when baby Ruth was 4 days old. My sister Emily helped me out and took the pics with her nice camera, the bottom one i took. It was a lot of fun to do this, we caught her while she was awake for the first part so we got great pics of both her awake and then asleep. Now I am having a dilema of which one I am going to put in my announcements today. So as of today Ruth is 3.5 weeks olds, crazy huh?

We have been working on a schedule and she has been doing very well for the last two weeks. We have been using the Babywise theories and they are working wonders. She eats every three hours then hangs out with us for a while before she takes a nap that typically lasts for about 1 and 1/2 hours to 2 hours and then we start all over again. Last night she slept from 11:30 tp 4:30 without a single sound. Next step her own room!

And here is Ruth's official first bath. We did it in the kitchen sink. Needless to say it is not her favorite part of the day.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

She's here!!!

I love daddy daughter pictures like these they make me happy. The first picture is Ruth's first night with us in her very cutest P.J.'s I seriously had to make a decisions on which ones she was going to where first. Then the other one is her first day at home. Daddy was tired cause those fold out bed's at the hospital aren't the best.

This Ruth all bundled up and ready to go home. I am super paranoid about the cold weather so she has the cute little coat and the cute pink cover.

This is Ruh's going home outfit. Another thing I pondered over for a very long time. But I got the approval of the hospital nurse's they loved her outfit too. It was a winner that is for sure. And the bow was from the hospital and it happend to just go so well with it, her daddy picked it out for her first picture the hospital 'cause he knew I would love it.

And here is Ruth with her big brother. He has been absolutely amazing with her. He remembers to wash his hands or use hand sanitizer and he will just sit there and hold her and give her kisses. He is so cute with her.

So, after going three days past my due date my doctor decided to not let me go any longer than that due to her two vessel cord he didn't want it to cause any problems. So Monday morning I checked into to the hospital at 7:45, by 8:30 I had a dose of pitosin in my system and little while later I had my water broken. When the nurse checked me at 8:45 I was at a 2. After my doctor broke my water he said "See you in about 12 hours." By 10:00 I was crying cause I was in so much pain, my contractions were one on top of the other and very strong. When my nurse checked me again I was at a 6, so they decided I was going way fast. Really, no way, I would have never guessed?!?! I warned my doctor a few weeks ago that my family has a history of fast deliveries, he didn't believe me. So at 11:15 I was at a 7 and we called my mom to let her know and she came over after that. Because I was going so fast the epidural that they gave me wasn't going in fast enough and soon after they had started it the contractions were still really strong and painful, they gave me a stronger dose. Also because I was going so fast they weren't getting my antibiotics in fast enough so they had to put it in faster, and if any of you know what that is like, I feel so sorry that you even know, I felt like punched my shoulder repeatedly and then stuck it in a freezer. Anyway, so at 1:00 I was at a 10 and my nurse had me do some practice pushes, after two she realized that this was going to go fast and called the doctor. After just three pushes our baby Ruth was here at 1:24 PM. She weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was a wopping 18 inches long. Her pediatrician came in on Tuesday morning to check her out she was healthy as could be just a little too much bilirubin (sp) so Friday we had to go get it tested again and it was fine.

She has the typical new baby grey eyes. She has a little bit of blonde hair and she pretty much has every one of her dad's facial features and looks exactly like her brother. We must proudly say she is a absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, we have now been home for three days. Ruth has an over supply of milk, lucky me. And the best part is, Ruth knows what the night time is for, the first night was kind of rough, but the last two we have had a consistan 5 hourse where she has slept, lucky us. She is a very pleasant little baby and so much fun. Her least favorite thing in this world is diaper changing, surprise, surprise. But besides that we get along great.

We have introduced her to the dog, which went quite well, and now Kiyo has begun to be the over protective big brother. I had Ruth in the swing this morning and she started to cry, I was letting her cry herself to sleep and he paced in front of the swing and would look at me and then at her and whine and do it over and over again until she fell asleep and then he layed down in front of the swing and watched the swing go back and forth.

The kids love her. Even Ethan will sit and hold her for long lengths of time and kiss her forhead and love on her. Katiya and Ethan have been such a big help and are doing great with adjusting to having to share their time with us.