Monday, October 5, 2009

Walk for autism, with Autism Speaks

So after some thought and consideration I have decided that I am putting together a team to do the Walk for Autism. My Nephew was recently diagnosed with a form of autism, and having worked with kids with autism I understand the struggles that can come with it as well as the expense that it can take to take care of kids with these special abilities.
So, here is the plan. I will be gathering people to be in my group over the next few months and then I will start doing things to raise money, i.e. silent auctions, bake sales, game nights, scrapbooking nights etc. So if any of you are interested in any of the following let me know: being in the group and walking, donating money, donating things to put into a silent auction or participating in a game night that will have a small fee to participate which the funds will then go towards the money raised.
Another thing that I would like to do is raise some money seperately to donate to my sister so that she can get a few things that are specific to Carter's needs that will help him succeed, if you would like to donate to this specifically let me know.
I love all of you who read this sight and hope that you will help me in this endeavor.


Hansen said...

IM IN... Let me know what I can do..

Neugart65 said...

T.K. You know I will help. Anything you need me to do. Keep us updated on FB, and I am sure we will get tons of help from this family. Lets even hit up those cousins up North. Stay in touch.
Love ya, Kris